Join me for a day in heaven

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Okay, just because I’m inviting you over for a day in heaven doesn’t mean we can’t be friends here on earth. Of course I want to be a friend here on earth as well. And, recognizing that I haven’t done the best job at maintaining friendships over the years, I’ve come up with a plan.

Here’s what I’m thinking…

Many people—probably you included—are really good at maintaining friendships. They do it naturally, automatically. I’m not so good at it. I need to be intentional about it, or I get wrapped up in projects and pretty soon another week has gone by without me reaching out to anybody.

So here’s the plan.

Once a week, I’ll drop you a note—an email—and I’ll tell you something about me and I’ll ask you a question about you. (You can respond or pass—no pressure either way.)

Here are some of the stories I’ll share with you:

• The girl I met in a Tijuana prison
• The woman who shot at me with her BB gun
• A near death experience during Hurricane Katrina
• What my mom did when I told her I didn’t have any friends
• The time I almost got run over by a train
• What I learned when my son almost died
• The woman who met her children in heaven
• Bungling my first arrest

If you like that idea, here’s where you sign up: